ROOT SONY XPERIA C [C2305] [Framaroot]

Okay ,So now you are the proud owner of Sony Xperia C and you have decided to break the limits and proceed to further #develop something for it.
But whatever you develop the first step is to #root Sony Xperia C so that you can test whatever you do.
Rooting is not a bad thing for a phone as far as you do compatible things with it.Many users have a misunderstanding that rooting will damage your phone , but thats not true.But as i said before if you do incompatible things than it may damage your phone…

Dont worrry , In this tutorial I will keep all things easy and descriptive so that you can easily follow the steps and successfully root your phone. So lets begin,

What you need

  1. Sony Xperia C (ofcourse)
  2. Framaroot App– Download
  3. Most important,A Usable Mind :p



Steps to Root Sony Xperia C

1.)Install the framaroot app in your phone.

root sony xperia c-framroot logo

2.)Open the app and you should see a screeen as shown below.

root sony xperia c-framaroot list

3.)Make sure that “Install SuperSU” is selected and click any one of the three exploits(Boromir,Faramir or Barahir)

4.)You should see this screen.

root sony xperia c-final result

5.)Hurray , you have successfully rooted your device.Happy developing !!!

6-)You will not see the SuperSU app until you restart your phone once.

7-)You may get a notofication by supersu saying ‘Update Binary’   ,,when you click it , it will ask you which method to use Always choose the normal modeDont choose the recovery mode.

That’s all for this tutorial.This method is the easiest of all the methods to Root Sony Xperia C . If you have followed all the steps you shouldn’t be having any doubts/queries because after all its just pressing some buttons which do the trick once and for all. However, if you have a isue or doubt, feel free to ask me using the Comments box below.

Have a nice day !

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