How To Remove Background From Image in 2 Minutes

To remove background from an image may be an extremely easy task for few while it can be a daunting task for others. But after going through this tutorial, it will be a minute’s task for you. By removing the background from an image, the image background will become transparent. We remove background from image so that our image can blend with the surrounding graphics. Sometimes, the image appears out of place if it does not blend with nearby graphics. For eg. See our logo on top of this page, if it had a gray background, wouldn’t it look extremely bad?

So now you know why removing the background can be important for you. You don’t need a photo background editor software generally advertised online. After going through the steps below, you will never have to search for background remover or photo background editor.

Next important thing is that we are not going through the Adobe Photoshop process for two reasons. One, it’s enormous size and two, it’s so freaking confusing! There are many free and small sized tools that can be used as photo background changer or background remover. I am also going to show you two ways to remove background so that you always have a backup plan to edit photo background.

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Free Tools Available to remove background from image:

(Download any 1 of the free tools from below)

GIMP (~75 MB ): GIMP is a free, open source and widely popular image editor which can be used as background remover.


PhotoFiltre (2 MB, Yes !): Obviously, the size and simplicity of this tool make it perfect for the job.


Paint.NET (6.7 MB): This is another very small utility for removing background from an image.

Remove background from image using PhotoFiltre:

  1. Install PhotoFiltre, it’s very easy my friend.
  2. Open the image in PhotoFiltre.
  3. Now in the menu, go to Image > Transparent Color.
  4. This will show a small dialog box.
  5. Here choose the color (the color of background, generally white), then choose the desired tolerance with the slider. Leave it to default if you do not understand it. Then click OK.
  6. Now go to File> Save as and save the image as PNG. This is important!
  7. Tadaa ! Done. Don’t worry, that checkerboard type screen means, that part of image is transparent.

You just learned how to remove background from image in a very easy way. Next, let’s go to GIMP to remove background.

Remove background from image using GIMP:

  1. Download and install GIMP. As before, it’s very easy man!
  2. Open the image in GIMP.
  3. Right click on image and go to Filter > Color > Color to alpha and then select background color. GIMP will replace all pixels of the color you selected with transparent pixels.
  4. Tadaa! Easy again, you just removed background from image easily.

I know this is a bit less-detailed, so I have added a tutorial link from their official website.

GIMP Official Tutorial

Remove Background From Image Using PhotoShop :

As I said before, we’re not going to discuss this, but still since it is the most popular tool, I will add a few lines and rest you can figure you. Yes ! you can, you even figured out PhotoShop…hahaha.

Anyways, you will have to use the magic wand tool that looks like below image to remove background from image. You may need to do multiple attempts, toying around with the tolerance levels and you are done !


Remove Background From Image Using Paint.NET:

  1. Go to the Paint.NET website. Download and install the software.
  2. Go to File > Open > Select your Image
  3. Click on the Magic Wand tool in the menu.
  4. Then click on the background of image.
  5. Now press delete and save your image.

Yeah, it’s that easy to remove background from image but Paint.NET is not a online photo editor. It’s just a small utility for minor works only.

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So, now you have learned how to use GIMP, PhotoFiltre and Paint.NET as background remover. Now I guess you believe me that you never need to use any other photo background editor or photo background changer online software for your needs.

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