Play Pokemon Go in Any Country Right Now !

Hello everyone, Welcome to TechnoSpace.In this post , you will learn How to play Pokemon Go in India or any other country in the World where the game has not officially launched.


Pokemon Go has been creating news right since it was released. This Highly-addictive Augmented Reality Game spread like a forest-fire around the whole world and it never fell off news. In the beginning the servers suffered major downtimes primarily because players from all over the country downloaded the app file (.apk) file off internet and started playing. Due to this, servers were down many-a-times in two weekes after the release.

The game focuses on players, moving around in real world catching Pokemons at real location around them. The game was officially released in only 2-4 countries and even though you are not in one of them, you will be able to play Pokemon Go after going  through this post.

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What you need ?

  • A compatible device (Android 4.4+)
  • The apk file of Pokemon Go Link
  • A Google account/or you can make a Pokemon Trainer Club account through the app itself.

Before installing the file follow these steps to enable installation of 3rd party apps :

  • Open Settings on your phone.        

        pokemon go unknownsource    pokemon go unknown warning    pokemon go unknown checked


  • Go to Security > Unknown Sources and check the box beside it to enable installation of apps from apk files.

How to play Pokemon Go :

  • Navigate to where you downloaded the apk file, click on it and press Install button.
  • Enable location settings on your phone, and set it to high-accuracy.
  • Open the game.pokemon go homescreen
  • When you open first time, you will be asked for creating an account.You can proceed with your existing google account or you can create a new Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC) account.pokemon go gamelogin
  • After that, you will be asked to choose your character-male/female
  • Then you can customize your character by changing hair/cap/bag/torso/shoes etc.
  • After some tips, they will ask for you screen-name. Give a name and done !
  • You are in-game now.In the starting you will get instructions on playing and catching pokemons.pokemon go ingame
  • All set ! Explore your world, find new Pokemons.You   ” gotta catch’em all ”   .

Keep a look here.I will be posting shortly on how to hack your location to play somewhere else where you can catch more Pokemons and get more in-game items.

That’s all folks ! For any queries/ just ask in the comment box below. And do let me know if you liked us . Have a nice day !


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