* Your warranty is now void.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about this kernel
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

Heya everyone , I have been a little less active on xda cause now I have to give more time to my career.The following rom I am developing since 3-4 months but nothing major has been done in last month cause I have to give more time to my studies.Therefore I decided to release it.
I have tried hard to make this rom better . And i have NOT COPIED anything from anyone’s rom . I searched the sony cross device and I found several guides and implemented them.

  • Prerooted
  • Zipaligned
  • Deodexed
  • Lollipop Navigation Icons
  • Serajr Power Toggles
  • Beats Audio Engine Integrated
  • Xposed Framework Integrated Into Settings Along With Gravitybox And Xperia Xposed
  • V6 Supercharger Script Pre-installed
  • Lollipop Statusbar Icons
  • Fully Transparent Statusbar even The Default Toggles Are Now Transperent
  • Init.d Support==>first rom to have that(PROBABLY !)
  • Some Z3 Apps And Widgets
  • New Audio Player
  • Custom Bootanimation Support
  • Lollipop Themes Integrated
  • Lots Of Bloatware Removed
  • Bravia Engine 2 Added
  • Material Wallpapers Integrated In Stock Launcher
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • MTK Engineering Mode Supported
  • No frills CPU Control Added For CPU Control
  • Script added For ADBLOCKING
  • Xperia Home Supports Rotation
  • Original Lollipop Platlogo With The Lollipop Land Game
  • Viper for Android Added For Sound Quality Improvement
  • Comes With Aroma Installer
  • Power off button in statusbar
  • Centred Clock
  • Terminal Emulator included
  • New Lockscreen[Micromax Lockscreen renamed to Nemesis lockscreen]
  • Autostarts option in settings


Here are its features –>


– Android performances improved at 360°
– Radically improved management ram on android (Lags…adios!)
– Script lightweight and revised to be adapted to this engine
– Improves a lot the graphics: of course Pure Graphic™HD, Pure Dithering Plus™ and… AOSPA 3.60 system tweaks
– Scan multimedia time drastically reduced
– Network Improvements, 3G experience even in 2G modality
– All SQlite database optimized
– Enable hardware features turned off by default for a better experience on entry level devices
– Greatly increases the score AnTuTu: Try it to believe it!!
– Reduces the startup time of Android
– A version for stock rom and one for CM, to squeeze any roms!
– Allows you to play ported games without lags
– Cleans the system every 24 hours, thecache every week and the Dalvik every month (cronos easter egg)
– Automatically Zipalign on each boot (sensitive to the user)


– Drastically decreased the drainage of battery
– Check the activities that consume too much battery stop them with PureWakelocks™
– When the phone is charging reduces system services for faster charging
– The battery is calibrated on every boot
– Disable animation of the system when the battery is nearly exhausted
– Improvements in build.prop as regards the part of consumption

Graphics, Screen, Images

– Enables a non-aggressive dithering to save CPU
– When you lock the device, the engine makes sure that the GPU is turned off
– Enables deep sleepalso in the bugged rom
– Parts of bravia engine
– Of course parts of CrossBreeder (credits to dev)
– Of course parts of Adrenaline Engine (credits to dev)
– Of course PureGraphics HD, even though I already told you
– Of course V6 supercharger
– Generates video entropy (like seeder)

CPU, Governors, I/O Schedulers

– Slightly improves the scaling of the frequencies (for better results you need a good kernel)
– Lightens the load on the CPU switching the workload to GPU rendering
– Enable the swap partition in Android (experimental)

I’ve said too much, man. Install this engine and discover its power! 😛



Here are its features –>

– Introducing the PureEQ, a new system-level component that powerfully works on the output audio part of your phone
– Updated the Beats extras libraries to the latest one
– Updated the xLoud extras libraries to the latest one
– New audio parameters in the system/etc up to 3-5-5-3-8
– Better compatibility with JellyBean 4.3 and KitKat 4.4
– Less battery consumption
– Better compatibility with other mods
– Beats peqimages updated to solo/mixr headphones
– New 320 kbps conversion algorithm
– Zip package size of only 1.04mb with all these new stuffs
– Introducing Smart Player, a trickster-like app for PureAudio 2.0

– Clear sound
– No more track noise
– Beats™ Audio by Dr.Dre
– Audio Pure™ Control not to damage your hearing
– Also compatible with the headphones that don’t support audio render of 60kHz
– Where possible, arrange for the conversion of the songs (in background) below 256 kbps to 320kbps
– During playback of songs / sounds make a soft frequency scaling to reduce noise and highlight the track
– It offers more powerful and closed bass
– Efficient even with stock headphones
– Improves a lot the audio call
– Enhance the speakers for playing music without headphones in high quality
I can not tell you everything What are you waiting for? Try it and find out what’s missing features!!


? What is Smart Player, and why I should use it? ?

Smart Player is a new Music Player based on the well known Apollo, I had to use Apollo as base to
speed up my work, but why you need Smart Player to complete the user experience of this mod?
It’s simple: you kown the app Trickster Mod right? Well, with trickster you can enjoy all your kernel features,
and with Smart Player you can enjoy all the PureAudio 2.0 features.
There are two version: the free one is like apollo, with just a brand new banner and audio parameters. The 0,99$ version
it’s yes like apollo (or at least it resembles the layout) but with a fully enabled PureEQ and some
others battery/memory improvements provided from some android passioned friends, you can verify that
becouse the graphical stock equalizer don’t makes any audio changes as explained that, due my custom PureAudio parameters.
The app thread with both downloads links from the Play Store is this, looks the tread if you want more infos.
Anyway, I’ve spent the last month to working on this app, my latest 4 months to work on this mod and I want
that you, yes, you, will get the full power of PureAudio!


-Enable GPU rendernig
– Enable dithering but did not affect consumption!!
– Use the GPU for the management of the touch
– Improve video HW render
– It allows you to play ported ARMV7 games without lags problems
– Increase scores on the AnTuTu graphic rank
– In MDPI devices improves the density pixels and brightness
– Eliminates lag system with the generator of video entropy
– Liquify the UI


V1.0  Initial Release





1-)Visualiser settings option in Settings gives Force Close
Temporary Fix=Download and install this file to /system/app

2-)GRAVITYBOX gives FC when open through settings

Temporary fix: access it through app drawer.


How To Use Different Features Of This Rom

1.The Invisible Power Button

You see that little battery icon on the top right corner.Thats a goddamn power button ! 😛
Single press to turn off screen.
Press and hold for power menu. Pretty cool right.  😯

2.The almighty serajr Power Toggles

Open the status bar.Now swipe from left side of screen to the right and the toggles will appear.

3.The Status Bar

The Nemesis Fusion status bar has 3 (Yes!) layouts.
Slide normally down for first layout.
Slide with 2 fingers for 2nd layout.
The 3rd layout has power toggles.See number 2. for instructions.

4.Xposed Framework,GravityBox & serajr Xperia Xposed

Go to the settings .Slide down a little and you would see these apps there.
Install Xposed Framework first !!!

5.Control your CPU , (yes !)

Go to settings , slide down and you will see an app named ‘No Frills CPU Control’.
You can use it to control your clock speed and all.

6.Viper Audio FX

Go to settings , slide down and you will see an app named ‘Viper Audio Enhancements’.
Click on it , then you can install its drivers and enjoy the enhancements.

7.Beats Audio (Widget Only)

Go to settings , slide down and you will see an app named ‘BEATS Manager Settings’.
Click it and you will get options on widget.To use this feaure simply go to home screen , open widgets and add
beats widget to home screen.


You must have come across a setting in Windows which allows you to configure which apps you want to start/stop at boot.
This is simply its adaptation on android , that too made simple to check boxes.(Yes !)
This option is available in setting, far down.

9.Custom Bootanimation

I guess most of you guyz would be familiar with this but I am writing this for helping.
Navigate to
Here you will see a file named can replace it with any other custom bootanimation.

10.MTK Engineering Mode

This one is a little hi-fi feature. I recommend standard users not to use this as it can do some irevertible changes .
To open engineering mode, go to dialer and type *#*#3646633#*#*
It will fire up the engineer mode for you.


Source: XDA (Written by me over there !)

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