Modem/Baseband Flashable zips for Zenfone 2 Laser All Variants

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First things first-
What is modem/baseband?
-Baseband is a part of firmware responsible your cellular network configuration, network stability, internet settings, etc.
Do I need to update my baseband?
-Depends…. If you are facing issues like low network, call drops, slow internet, etc., upgrading baseband might help fixing it. There is always a trial and error procedure associated with baseband, try different versions and stick to the one that suites you the most.

Background info-
Asus FOTAs (official firmware zips/ota) contains a “firmware-update” package which contains critical and important firmware components like baseband/modem, aboot, tz, etc. However, custom ROMs don’t include this, which means if you want to update your baseband you will need to reflash official asus ROM and then reflash your custom ROM. So I decided to make flashable zips of latest “firmware-update” of all variants and SKUs. Each zip includes entire “firmware-update” folder from respective device’s official firmware.
This can also be used to recover fastboot mode provided you have access to your custom recovery.

Since there are many variants of ZF2, there is a high chance of cross flashing bootloaders and hence hard bricks, so I have revised the entire thread. Each zip contains ONLY MODEM of respective variant. There’s almost no possibility of brick

Pre-requistes: A custom recovery like TWRP installed.*

1. Put zip in external sdcard
2. Reboot to recovery
3. Select Install zip
4. Choose zip file and flash.
No need to wipe anything

*Experienced users can flash modem via fastboot on both LOCKED/UNLOCKED Bootloader.

fastboot flash modem <filename>.bin


For MSM8916 SnapDragon 410
v13.10.7.1 WW SKU
v12.8.5.229 JP SKU
v12.8.5.172 RKT SKU

For MSM8916 SnapDragon 410 variant
v21.40.1220.1615 WW SKU
v1.17.40.1531 WW SKU
For MSM8939 SnapDragon 615 variant
v21.40.1220.1615 WW SKU
v1.17.40.1531 WW SKU
For MSM8929 SnapDragon 415 variant
v1.17.40.1531 WW SKU

For MSM8939 SnapDragon 615 variant
v1.17.40.1531 WW SKU


For MSM8929 SnapDragon 415 variant
v1.16.40.1523 WW SKU
For MSM8939 SnapDragon 615 variant
v1.16.40.1523 WW SKU

For MSM8939 SnapDragon 615
v1.16.40.1524 WW SKU
v1.16.40.1338 JP SKU
v1.16.40.1338 CN SKU

WW SKU v12.8.5.227
(AFAIK, there are no variants of ZE500KG, correct me if I am wrong)

Older modems will be added only by requests

Source: XDA (posted by sziraqui)

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