The content of this post is pretty much clear from the name itself. Yes, you are going to learn an awesome way of getting to know anyone’s crush name without letting the other person know!!!

There are people who just don’t want to give out the name of their crush or girlfriend easily but you being a sneaky bastard wants to know it xD. So, how do we know the name of their crush without making the situation awkward?
Such people are highly interested in stuff like crush quiz, love calculator, love calculator, crush secret love calculator, crush test etc. You get the idea, right?

Our devilish Plan : 

We bait these people using a wonderful love calculator website given below. Bait? How? Basically, you create an account on this website and they give you a special link. So, whenever someone visits their site through that link and enter the details (their name, crush name etc.), they get the result and YOU GET THE INFORMATION THEY ENTERED.
So, devil-ish na? If they aren’t a computer geek, they won’t be able to figure out what happened or that something has happened. Now you can tease them all you want and they will not have the slightest idea where you got that name.

Mission Crush Name Steps:

• Head over to . Enter your name and email to create an account on this website. Don’t put invalid/fake email as the details of every single victim are sent to this email.

crush name create accountcrush name account created
• Now you will see a link in a white box which is your own special link. Share this link to your friend’s WhatsApp/Snapchat/Facebook/email and wait for them to fall in your trap. You will be sent the details entered by this person only when they go to the website via your “special” link. After they enter their details on the website, they will be shown the “You have been fooled !!!” message on the website itself.But they can’t do anything now 😛

crush name baiting fieldcrush name fooled message
• As soon as they enter some detail, you will receive an email from the website.This will contain the victim’s name along with the names of their crush.The E-mail contains the name of the first crush only.

crush name email
• If they entered more than one name, then you may have to use the link in the email to see the names of all their crushes.This is how it looks.

crush name final result

Pro-Tip :
Links like ““are now very easily recognized by people. To make your link appear more authentic, you can use Google’s URL shortener. This service will give you a short link for your long text link. Thus , avoiding detection.

The website will immediately inform the victim that they were being fooled. Don’t try to fool someone who may beat the shit out of you!

Hope you guys have a fun time fooling your friends and family. Please feel free to share your memories , thoughts or opinions with us using the comment box below.

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