How to Keep MAC Desktop Clean [Screenshots]

Hello Everyone, Welcome to TechnoSpace. I thought of writing something for MAC users too. So I found out a lovely trick from one of my friends which will greatly help you keep your mac desktop clean and clutter-free.

Screenshots are one of the most useful tools of any operating system. Today, all major OSes have some tool or shortcut to take screenshots instantly and easily. Windows has a dedicated shortcut key combination and a in-built tool called Snipping tool for screenshots. Android has the same key combination shortcut which varies from phone to phone. MAC too has same features available out of the box for screenshots. We can use these screenshots in making useful written tutorials or to describe a problem with our computers. I personally use them to add necessary photos to my tutorials or guides on this blog .

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Windows automatically keeps all these screenshots separately in a folder named Screenshots present in C:\Users\{User Name}\Pictures .But MAC users are at a small disadvantage here i.e. by default, all screenshots are saved on your own desktop. If you take many screenshots simultaneously, your desktop would be full of all of them lying here and there. After reading this entire post, those screenshots would automatically go inside a folder and not directly on your desktop. In this way you will have a separate folder for your screenshots and you can keep your MAC desktop clean.

Steps to keep your MAC Desktop Clean :

  • First of all go to Pictures folder and create a new folder and name it anything.For this eg, I am using the name ‘ScreenShots’.
  • Now open your terminal app.(Very easy ! Steps not needed for this )




  • Type/Copy the following 1 line code into your terminal and press enter.
defaults write location ~/Pictures/ScreenShots
  • Make sure you replace the folder name with the name of folder you created.
  • Now type the following code into terminal or simply reboot your computer.
killall SystemUIServer

mac desktop clean terminal


  • Done ! You just learned how to keep your MAC Desktop clean .

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That’ all for this post. I am mostly familiar with Windows so if I made a mistake please comment below. Also if you have any suggestions/queries, please feel free to comment below.I would be happy to help you.

Have a nice day !

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