How to install Wamp Server on Windows 7/8/10

Hello everyone, Today I’m posting about the installation of one of the most important tools for Web Development , Wamp Server , on a Windows Computer. Follow up with the steps and soon you will end up with a clean install of Wamp Server 2 on your Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

Wamp Server as the name says, is a full featured collection of software packages for a complete web development environment on a Windows Computer. It features an Apche Server, MySQL along with PHP thus providing almost everything you need for a basic Web Development Environment on a Windows Machine.

Some of its functionalities according to its official website are :

With a left click :

  • Manage your Apache and MySQL services
  • Switch online/offline (give access to everyone or only localhost)
  • Install and switch Apache, MySQL and PHP releases
  • Manage your servers settings
  • Access your logs
  • Access your settings files
  • Create alias

With a right click :

  • Change WampServer’s menu language
  • Access this page

Instructions for installation :

  • Head over to using your internet browser (For eg. Google Chrome) & click the download button.


  • Now all available versions of WampServer will be displayed to you. While choosing a version make sure you choose it according to your operating system (32/64 bit).
  • Also if you plan to make a website on your computer and later on upload it to your Web Hosting provider, then choose Apche/PHP/MySQL versions according to your hosting provider.

As of today, the following versions are available.


  • Click the one you want to download & you will see screen with a bunch of warnings like the picture


  • Now you will be redirected to page ,and your download will start within 4-5 seconds automatically.


  • Now run the installer you just downloaded


  • Press Next & accept the licence agreement.
  • Now select the installation directory(Default is c:\wamp\


  • Now select additional options in the installer( Desktop & Quick Launch icon).


  • Click Next & then click Install button.


  • After the installation completes, it will ask you for your default web browser.Choose it accordingly.
  • Now it will ask you for your PHP Mail Parameters.If you know what these are, then fill the boxes accordingly, else leave them as default & press next.


  • Now you have successfully installed WampServer 2. Click ‘Finish’ to exit the installer & start the server by clicking on desktop icon.
  • After starting the server, you will get a green icon on your taskbar.
  • To access server homepage, open your Internet Browser and type http://localhost/ or click on the Wampserver icon.


  • This is the server homepage.For additional options you can click the wampserver icon in taskbar. All options like server configuration,modules,phpmyadmin etc are accessible through there.
  • Below is the phpmyadmin screen.



What do do if you see orange icon instead of green & cannot access the “localhost” page ?

This is a very common issue , especially with computers running the newer versions of Windows. It happens because there is some other server running on port 80, the one used by Apache server.

In case of Windows, we have the Microsoft Internet Information Services running on port 80 therefore the Apache server cannot function properly and we get Orange icon instead of the green icon in taskbar. Fortunately the fix for this problem is very easy we will disable the Microsoft Internet information services through control panel and reboot .

The steps for fixing this error are as follows:

  • Go to control panel , then click on programs.


  • Now you will get an option saying turn Windows features on or off. Choose that option.


  • Now you will get a window with a list of all the features.Find the one saying Microsoft Internet information services, on this feature you will have either a tick mark or a filled box. click on it to uncheck the box. After this press ok.


  • Now Windows will ask you to reboot your computer , so do it. After this the Wamp server should run fine without any problems.


Here’s a video tutorial for the entire process :

Ok so that’s all for this tutorial and if you have any questions, please ask in the comments below .AlsoI am posting a video on this tutorial so if you have any doubts you can just watch that video once & still if you have any problems then please comment on this post I would be more than happy to help

Have a nice day !

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  1. When ever i try to install WAMP on Windows 7 32 bit , it gives an error – The program canot start api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll missing.
    I tried to install runtime files also … but no success for WAMP
    PLease give suggestions …