How To Install Adobe Flash Player On Any Android Device

How To Install Flash Player On Any Android Device
Adobe decided to kill off support for its Flash Player on Android a while back 😥  . Unfortunately, that didn’t mean all Web sites you visit would start using HTML5 instead of Flash (though it would have been nice 😆  ).

What You Need

1.)A device running 4.0+(may also work on GB 😉  )
2.)This flash player apk
3.)Any supported browser


Browsers That support Flash :

  • Dolphin Browser
  • CM Browser
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Photon Browser..

These I know rest can be found by simply asking the great Mr. Google  😈 


1.)First in your phone, go to Settings > Security > (Scroll Down) Unknown Sources & enable it.This allows apps to be side loaded rather than downloading from Google Play.

2.)Now install the flash player apk that you downloaded before.

146753876027151 (4)146753876027151 (1)

3.)Now you need to use a browser that supports flash.(Chrome does not support !!!)You can use any browser that I mentioned above.(I recommend Dolphin Browser 😎  )

4.)Go to browser settings and enable flash

5.)Yeah, all done you have succssfully installed flash player.

Verify The Installation

1.)Go to

2.)You will see a flash page.You may / may not see a small button which you can click to download the flash.


146753876027151 (3)

3.)You will see the animated ‘ ULTRASOUNDS ‘ logo.

146753876027151 (2)

This verifys that flash is working perfectly in your device.Have fun watch videos, play games and enjoy.


Source: XDA (posted by me over there)

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