How to set a Slide-Show in Desktop Background (Windows)

Hello everyone and welcome to this tutorial.

Today I am writing about how to set a slideshow as a desktop background on Windows 10.After this tutorial you will be able to set a desktop background where the wallpaper will change at specific intervals on your Windows 10 computer.

On any computer desktop is our  primary workspace . When we turn on the computer, desktop is the first thing that comes to our notice. A Cheerful and motivating desktop background motivates you whenever you turn on your computer ( 😎  ).

Many people don’t know that there is an in-built feature in Windows that allows you to set a slideshow as desktop background without installing any third party apps or software.

Follow the instructions below and soon you will be able to set a slideshow in your Windows desktop background quickly and easily.

Steps to follow :

  • First of all download some wallpapers which you want to set on your desktop background from Internet. A simple Google search for “HD wallpapers” would render you lots of results for downloading such wallpapers.back1


  • Now right click on the empty area on your desktop and from the drop down menu choose the option “Personalize”.


  • Now a new window will open with the title “Settings” .In this window there would be a list of options on the left hand side ,from those options choose “Background”.back2


  • Now on the right side ,there would be a drop down menu, from this menu choose the option “Slideshow”.back3


  • After this you will notice a “Browse” button below the drop down menu you just closed.Click this button and navigate to the folder containing the wallpapers you downloaded from Internet and choose that folder.back4


  • Slightly below the browse button ,there would be a setting with the title “Change picture every :” here you can set the time after which the next wallpaper will be displayed.There are quite a number of options like 1 minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours and one day.back5


  • Below this option there would be another settings with which you can decide how the wallpaper should be displayed on the screenFor example, if the wallpaper size is a smaller than your screen then you can choose it to “fit to screen” or you can choose it to tile.


  • Now close the settings window and you will notice that the wallpaper will change according to the time interval you set in wallpaper settings.       back6




Here is a video tutorial for the entire process :

Ok so that’s all for this tutorial and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below and I would be more than happy to help

Have a nice day

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