Have you ever wondered how cool would it be if you could just download an offline copy of your favourite website and use it offline as if it were online? Or putting it in an easier way, we’re talking about how to download a website .

If the answer to this question is yes, the following post is only and only for you ;-). Sometimes we come across way too awesome websites while surfing through net. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just get website offline ?

So, today I am going to tell you about a free software to download sites. Yes ! You can download website completely for offline usage in your computer. This means that the downloaded site will work on your computer as if it were online.

Not only this software offers free download of a website but also full control over the download. To be precise, the customizations are available only for the Windows users. This is because, for Windows there is a GUI tool , whereas we have a command line command for Linux .

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I hope I made it clear to you that both these methods do not cost you money.They offer free download of sites for offline usage. So, let’s switch to these tools without wasting any more time.

Download a Website For Windows :

HTTRACK : This is the most widely used software to free download website on Windows. How old ? Buddy, it’s there from the Win-98 days. And without much change in functionality or the UI, it is still the Number 1 tool.It even has a dedicated Wikipedia page. The current version of this tool is 3.48-22 . You can get the software by visiting the official link at https://www.httrack.com/ . Make sure you choose the proper version (32/64 bit) before downloading.

Note that HT-Track is the one I recommend.There are many other free tools available out there. Make sure you choose the one that fits your needs.

Download a Website For Linux :

As always, sites can be downloaded directly via the powerful command line. Here’s a one liner, that will help you download a website offline. Open a terminal and type in the following code :

wget  --random-wait  -r  -p  -e  robots=off  -U  mozilla  www.example.com

And for noobies, you have to replace www.example.com with that of the website you want to download. And yeah, that’s all, you have downloaded a website .

Pro-Tip : If you get an error like wget does not exist or something, that means that utility is not installed on your computer. On Ubuntu or Ubuntu based OS, just type in

sudo apt-get install wget

This should do the trick for you. If you are on any other OS facing similar issues, then just drop a comment and I will show you the way.


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