Disable Startup Apps & Get Faster Boot Time on Windows

Hey guys ! In this tutorial,you will learn a trick through which you can reduce your booting time in Windows .

What are startup apps ?

When you install apps or software, some of them are auto set to start as soon as Windows boots. For eg. a torrent client (such as utorrent) has to be run constantly in background. So it is auto set to start on boot so that most time can be given to torrent downloads. Such programs which start automatically on boot are called Startup Programs.

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The Problem :

While the above example may sound good to you , but suppose you keep installing new softwares on your computer over time. Lets assume that you installed 20 programs are 8 of them are set to start on boot (startup apps). Thus each time your computer starts, all these 8 programs, stand in queue to be started using RAM and Hard disk . This affects the effective time your PC takes to complete the boot up process. That’s why some of you may have noticed that your computer boot up becomes longer over time.

Windows 10 Task Manager has a dedicated tab for viewing/enabling/disabling Startup Apps as well as viewing their impact on boot.The impact is indicated with terms like high/low etc.

Follow these steps to reduce your boot up time on Windows 10 by disabling ‘Startup Apps’ :

  • Right click on the Taskbar and select ‘Open Task Manager’ .startup apps taskbar menu


  • Now Task Manager will open in a new Window.startup apps task manager startup


  • Select the “Startup” tab on Task Manager.


  • Here you will see a list of all those programs which can be set as Startup apps. The ‘Status’ column shows the current status (enabled/disabled) & the startup impact column shows how much the program affects boot up time.


  • Right-Click on any item in the list & select ‘Disable‘ to stop it from running on boot.startup apps disable


  • In the same way, you can right-click and select ‘Open file location’ to view exactly what software or program is trying to run on startup.startup apps open file location


  • You can also select ‘Properties’ from the list, to see the properties of the file being loaded on startup.startup apps file properties


  • Similarly, there is an option called ‘Search Online’, which will help you know about the file on the internet.startup apps search online


That’s all for this tutorial. The presence of startup tab in the Task Manager itself makes it very easy to quickly enable / disable any of the startup apps you have on your computer. If you face any problems after the steps , please comment below, Do tell us how much this trick helped you.

Have a nice day !


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