How to flash Stock ROM via TWRP for Zenfone 2 Laser

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You were running a custom ROM but at some point of time you decided to go back to stock. Unfortunately, you do not have a TWRP backup. Or probably there is an official update but you can’t flash the FOTA because you are running a custom ROM. One way of flashingf FOTA would be to flash stock recovery from fastboot and then downgrade to a lower firmware (say the last lollipop fota) and then flash the new update (say MM fota). many a times, update fails at verifying system image! Then you have to do everything again. Maaaaahhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnn. This is so painful.

Solution? Just by editing the updater script of any ota, you will be able flash it via TWRP. But then you probably don’t know what to edit. Moreover, if you edited it incorrectly, you may hard brick your device. So here I have edited updater-scripts for you. Just delete the updater-script from your ota zip and add edited updater-script for your device to the zip. Flash via TWRP recovery. Simple!


  • ZE500KL & ZE500KG


  • Upgrade to MM without reverting to stock lollipop
  • Downgrade to any stock firmware version
  • Go back to stock
  • Recover from failed custom ROM installs

Download updater-script_Z00E-R
[NOTE: Rename it to “updater-script” ]
A proof that this works is here

  • All other variants

Edited updater-script for these devices will only flash system and boot. You have to flash last lollipop update and then only you can upgrade to MM
But there’s is one benefit of this over other methods. You don’t need to find and flash stock recovery!
> Flash last lollipop update that your device was running using the edited updater-script.
> Reboot device and Do all the set up.
> Reboot again but this time INTERRUPT the reboot by holding power button till screen turns off.
> Asus Logo will appear again. Allow Rebooting this time.
> Voila! Your stock recovery is back. You can upgrade to MM now using the regular method.
( All FOTAs contain back up stock recovery but not in .img form. A failed boot causes auto installation of this stock recovery back up)

Other Usage:

  • Go back to stock
  • Downgrade to any stock firmware version without affecting bootloader and modem
  • Recover from failed custom ROM installs

Download link: updater-script_generic
[NOTE: Rename it to “updater-script”]

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Why the can’t I make updater-script for these variannts the way I made for ZE500KL/G ?
There are 6 variants (excluding ZE500KL/G) . Each variant has 3 sub variants. Each sub variant comes with upto 4 SKUs.
Every FOTA contains critical firmware files like aboot, hyp, etc of all variants and cross-flashing these would hard brick. Hence, the edited updater-script_generic will only flash system and boot.

Source:XDA(by sziraqui)

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