How to fix MD5 MISMATCH Error In Clockworkmod Recovery

How to fix MD5 MISMATCH Error In Clockworkmod Recovery



Hello everyone,This would be a small write up for fixing one of the most common errors faced by many people while restoring nandroid backup using one of the famous Android Custom Recoveries, known as ClockWorkMod Recovery.

Sometimes due to data corruption, or any other minor reason, the md5 check fails( md5 mismatch ) while restoring a nandroid backup.This may cause serious trouble if you had important data in the backup or your phone is left in a unusable state after you modded/themed/or did any other modification that caused you the trouble.In such cases having a un-restorable recovery is same as not having a backup at all ! 

So after some minor experiments , I found the below written method which bypasses the md5 verification message and starts the restore process directly !

This is also for those who feel that md5 checking takes lots of time.Follow this tutorial to disable the md5 check.


Here is the process..

1-)Go to sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/[your backup name]/here
2-)Copy the nandroid.md5 file and keep it somewhere safe.
3-)Open the nandroid.md5 in the backup folder file with any text editor and DELETE all the inside contents.
4-)Now save the file and try restoring your backup again.
5-)This will OVERIDE the md5 checks and the restore will begin.

All done enjoy nandroiding…LOL..

Source: XDA (posted by me over there)

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