Disable Internet Explorer in Windows

Hello everyone, & Welcome to Technospace.This time I’m writing a small yet useful tutorial for Windows ,I am writing about how to Disable Internet Explorer in any version of Microsoft Windows operating system without any hassle.

Internet Explorer has been the in-built browser in Microsoft Windows for decades but for some it is nothing but an icon on their Desktop or Quick Launch .

This is mainly because it has not been able to adapt itself with major browsers like Chrome, Firefox & Safari.Although some recent changes after IE-8 have improved it but still it cannot overcome the huge popularity of above mentioned browsers.

If these changes had been brought about long before Internet Explorer might have a chance, but after the supremacy of Google Chrome & Firefox , it is very hard for I.E. to gain its popularity of early days.

Nowadays, many users use other browsers instead of built-in IE, and for them IE is there because they think there is no way to remove it.But hey, this is TechnoSpace, you can find anything here, so today I am going to show you how to disable Internet Explorer in Microsoft Windows.



Instructions for Disabling Internet Explorer :

  • GO to “Control Panel”.
  • Click once on the option “Programs”.in1
  • Now click on the option titled “Turn Windows features on or off”.


  • Here you will get a list of options about various Windows programs & functions. Do not mess with things you do not know.
  • In the list find the option titled “Internet Explorer” and un-check the box besides it.


  • Press OK, now a small setup-like screen would open and it would run for 1-2 mins (maximum).

in5 in4

  • After that Windows will ask you to restart your computer to apply changes.Do it & tadaa. You have successfully disabled Internet Explorer & you won’t see even a trace of it until you re-enable it.


Here is a video tutorial demonstrating the steps on Windows 10.Its more or less same for other Windows too. 

Pretty easy, huh ?

If you have any doubts/questions , feel free to ask in the comments below & I would be more than happy to help you out !

Have a nice day !

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