How To Create A Folder Without Name On Windows

Microsoft Windows offers us a beautiful way of arranging almost everything into files and folders , and even hierarchically. I am very much sure that you know all about folders , their features and all their usefulness to make our experience better with our computer.But did you know that you can create folder without name ? You may already know that with every next version of Windows being released, the variety of customizations we can do to our computer is also increasing. Now we can change the Name, Icon, Color and even background of all these folders.

But…have you come this long way just to know all this useless stuff you already know ? Ofcourse NO,

After going through this post ,you will be able to create a folder without name in your very own computer.This folder will look like this =>

folder without name small

Looks cool, right ?  But wait, I would just type a space in folder name to get a folder without name, why should I care about all these steps ? Go ahead, try yourself. Windows does not allow a folder with “space” as its name ! 😛

This trick works in all versions of Windows – 10, 8.1 ,8 ,7 ,Vista ,XP…..

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Here are the steps to create a folder without name in Microsoft Windows

Create Folder Without Name in Windows :

  • First of all goto any directory or on your desktop, right-click , go to new and select Folder option.

folder without name new folder menu

  • Now you will get a new folder whose name will already be highlighted for editing.

folder without name new folder

  • Here comes the trick, while keeping the “Alt” key pressed, press 0 1 6 0 on the numeric keypad .(the one on the right side of your keyboard)folder without name editing
  • Now you will notice that the highlighted text will be replaced by blank space as above picture. Press Enter key and tadaa !folder without name small
  • You will get a folder with no name for yourself.

folder without name

  • Under The Hood = It is impossible to create a folder without any name in Windows. What actually happens here is that , we type in a ASCII character which is “blank” . This character exists right from DOS days.Hope you got my point.

Okay, that’s all for this tutorial guys. Hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial and yeah for any doubts, please ask in the comments below. See you in the next one !!!

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