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MIUI 8 – Another Beauty from Xiaomi

Hello Everyone, Welcome to TechnoSpace. In this post, I am covering the latest features introduced in MIUI 8 by Xiaomi. This is not a in-depth review or complete list. Its just...

Android Basics – Safe Mode

In this short post, I will be writing about one key feature of android, that is Safe Mode. For your information, this post is a part of a series of posts...

Android Basics – Rooting

This is the first post of my Android Basics series and in this I will be explaining you about what Root Access means and how is it useful. How to root...

Ultimate Clan Planning Using ClashTrack for Clash of Clans

Hey everyone, In this post I am going to introduce you to ClashTrack , a very powerful online utility website for clash of clans. This online tool isĀ used to monitor progress...
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After ROOT – 21 Cool Things to Do

Hello Everyone, Welcome to TechnoSpace. In this post you will be knowing about more than 20 cool things you can do after root - ing your smartphone. Go on read the...

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