Block Advertisements in uTorrent the Easy Way

Hello Everyone, Welcome to TechnoSpace. In the following post I will be telling you about How you can easily block advertisements in utorrent without using any other software or program.

Disclaimer: This website or post does not encourage you to block advertisements on uTorrent . If you use their service, respect their ads as that’s the only way they can earn. Hope you understand !

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uTorrent without further doubt is the most popular torrent client provided by BitTorrent Inc. It is a small piece of software through which you can download a file from thousands of people around the world. Such users are also called peers/seeders based on availability of file with them. Those of you who use uTorrent must have been/dealt with lots of advertisements present in the main window of uTorrent.


block advertisements in uTorrent with ads


Why do they do this ? Well, Nothing comes for free in today’s world. Similarly, uTorrent is a free software which anyone can download and use.

What do you give back to its makers ? How do they keep their min & soul together ?

Advertisements come to the rescue ! These days, there are a variety of ways you can earn from showing ads. Advertisers pay you even for showing off their ads . They also pay if someone clicks on the advertisement. In this way, uTorrent gets money and can provide their piece of software for free. You use it, you pay for it (indirectly).There is nothing wrong with this but for some people, these ads can be severely annoying . Sometimes, ads may show something you don’t wan’t other people who use the same PC to see. In such cases, you have to find a way to block advertisements of uTorrent.

Here at TechnoSpace, we believe in providing useful content to our readers. After following the steps mentioned below, you will get your own ad-free version of uTorrent . You do not need any third-party software or program to block advertisements in uTorrent.

Steps to block advertisements in uTorrent :

  • Open uTorrent by double-clicking its icon .



  • Go to Options > Preferences. Now you will get a new window where you can customize uTorrent’s settings. In the left pane, click on the item that says ‘Advanced’.

block advertisements in uTorrent menu                       block advertisements in uTorrent prefernce


  • Now you will notice strange text on the right side of window. These are the advanced settings we are going to play with.

block advertisements in uTorrent advanced


  • To disable a setting click on it, and choose the ‘False’ radio button on the bottom of window.These settings are all arranged alphabetically .

block advertisements in uTorrent false


  • Disable the following :
  1. bt.enable_pulse
  2. gui.show_notorrents_node
  3. gui.show_plus_upsell
  4. offers.content_offer_autoexec
  5. offers.left_rail_offer_enabled
  6. offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled
  • After selecting ‘False’ to all of these, click on OK button.
  • Now you will get a ad-free uTorrent .

block advertisements in uTorrent without ads

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OK, so that was all for this post. Hope you learned what you came here for. If you have any queries, feel free to comment below and if you want to request a tutorial/guide feel free to do that through our Contact Us page.

Have a nice day !


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