Assign Shortcut Key for any Application in Windows

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In this short post, I will showing you a small Microsoft Windows trick which is very useful in cases, where you want easy access to a particular Software/Program .You can start any programme just by just a press of a button.


Microsoft Windows, being the most used operating system throughout the world, has become an important part of our Computer World. Millions of softwares have emerged for the Windows platform in every field, and guess what ! Thousands of these are being made every day. Be it open-source or profit-related , they all are first available for the Windows platform.

Sometimes, you may get a small utility app , which you do not want staring at your face all the time  but still you want to access it so frequently that reaching it through Start menu or clicking on its desktop icon seems a tedious task. For eg, you may have heard of the “Snipping Tool” which is a in-built Windows tool to quickly take complete/partial screenshot of any open Window/Program or Software.  Those of you who have used it know this pretty well that , as soon as you open that tool the screen goes blurry in the background yet it is a very helpful tool.So how do you access it, keep going through start menu for 10 screenshots ?  Hell no !

By following the instructions below, you will be able to easily assign shortcut keys to your favourite apps & then the app will be ‘Press to open’ .

Instructions to assign shortcut keys to Softwares/Programs :

  • First of all, you need the shortcut of the programs/software to which you want to assign a shortcut.This is very easy, just right click on any file and choose Send to > Desktop (create shortcut) and you will have a shortcut of that application on your Desktop.0_skey_result
  • Now Right click on that shortcut and choose ‘Properties
  • In the Dialog box that open up in front, click on the text-box where it says, ‘Shortcut Key0_skey1_result
  • Now click on any keyboard button to assign a shortcut, if you choose a alphabet key, Ctrl+Alt will be automatically added (you don’t want applications opening while you are typing something right !)0_skey 3_result
  • Also, you cannot assign function keys like Enter,Spacebar,Ctrl,Alt,Esc or backspace as a shortcut.
  • Now after choosing your key, just hit the OK button and you are done, you have successfully set your shortcut key for that app.

It doesn’t matter if there is a Web browser or other software open on your screen. Those shortcut keys work even then, regardless of what you have opened on your screen.


I hope you enjoyed this little trick, and it would help you become a better-than-before Windows user.That’s all for this post. For any queries, ask in the comments below and Have a nice day !

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