ANYKERNEL Flasher For Zenfone 2 Laser



=//Flash all kernels with ease\\==

What is this?
This is a easy to use Noob-Friendly utility for flashing kernels with ease. Many newbies do not understand fastboot
or TWRP because of no previous experience with these before.This project provides them with a very easy method of doing so.
The only thing involved here is simple copy/paste and renaming files.

What do I need before I start ?
1.)Any kernel image file(.img)
2.)TWRP/Cyanogenmod Recovery

WOW, sounds nice !! Tell me how do I use this project of yours ?
Okay Okay Have some patience !
The instructions are as follows =>
1.)Grab any kernel designed for your device model.It would be a image(.img) file.
2.)Rename that file to boot.img
3.)Download the zip file from attachments and open it with any compression manager on PC or Phone
4.)Put the boot.img inside zip file.(Most probably you won\’t need to extract the zip for doing this.
4.)Put the modified zip in your phone.
6.)Reboot to TWRP , and flash the zip file
Easy enough huh !


Source: XDA (posted by me over there)

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