Android Basics – Safe Mode

In this short post, I will be writing about one key feature of android, that is Safe Mode. For your information, this post is a part of a series of posts on this website under the name “Android Basics”. In the last one, I gave a good deal of intoduction to Root & Rooting android.You can find all posts here.


Safe Mode , is a very familiar term for most people, especially due to the fact that Windows operating system possesses a boot mode, where only the core drivers are loaded into the system and all other stuff is not even touched.This can be fairly useful if you want to check that there is a software causing some issues with your computer system. In some cases , this also helps if there is a virus , malware or rootkit as these most probably won’t load while booting up in Safe Mode, however, you never know as new complex viruses are being detected day by day.


Android , being the most popular operating system in the smartphone market also possesses a Safe Mode ( Yes !), but most people (standard users) do not know about this and end up formatting or factory reset-ing the phone on minor app related bugs. Similar to Windows OS, the safe mode functionality is similar – Loads only necessary drivers/files. This may help in detecting & in turn removing the common app-related issues without the need of a hefty factory reset.


Rebooting to Safe Mode on Android :

This procedure is pretty simple & works on most recent Android Devices. 

To open safe mode, follow these steps,

  • Press & hold the power button on your mobile until you are prompted with the screen(pop up menu)  like below.


  • Now press and hold the ‘Power Off’ option on this pop up menu & you will get a screen like below asking you for confirmation whether you really want to boot into safe mode.


  • Press OK & your phone will restart into safe mode. Tadaa !



Exiting Safe Mode on Android :

  • Getting out of safe mode is fairly easy. Just restart your phone…..Yeah its that easy…


Side Note :

Sometimes in case of a crash, your phone may automatically reboot into safe mode. In such cases, check your notification panel for any error messages or just Reboot your phone…


So I guess now you have a good idea about what safe mode is and how to enter/exit safe mode. If you have any queries ,just ask in the comments below.

Have a Good Day !

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