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Why Android Basics series  ?

The problem with many new users and even some medium old users is that they are not all familiar with all the terminology used in the Android World, some are not even aware of the android basic terms(i.e. Android Basics) like rooting, recovery or even flashing.

Therefore for the sake of such people I’m going to write some small but resourceful posts to get familiar with the commonly used Android Terms.This post right here will hold the links and title to all of them for easy navigation through the series of posts.

This thread will be updated often so keep looking here for fresh content once a day !

List of posts 

  1. Root access & Rooting .
  2. Safe Mode


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  1. […] In this short post, I will be writing about one key feature of android, that is Safe Mode. For your information, this post is a part of a series of posts on this website under the name “Android Basics”. In the last one, I gave a good deal of intoduction to Root & Rooting android.You can find all posts here. […]


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